Posted by: John Looker | 31 January, 2015

A pen name (although I no longer use a pen)

Now that Bennison Books have published The Human Hive, my book of poetry, I’ve decided to use my pen name ‘John Looker’ on this blog and in visiting the blogs of others.

Why John Looker?

Well, there are several others publishing poetry under the name John Stevens. It’s a crowded field — without even thinking of Wallace Stevens.

So far as I know, there is no other John Looker. Also, Looker was my mother’s maiden name and she was the last of that line.


  1. welcome John Looker ……could also be a “one who looks deeply” 🙂

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    • I’d love to believe that — thank you!


  2. Hi John,

    I have just purchased your book and without wanting to sound clichéd I honestly couldn’t put it down 😊. A real treat, andI know I shall keep returning to it.

    Best wishes


    • How nice of you to say so, Christine! Thank you.


  3. It’s a great nom de plume, suggesting, as well, a fine male countenance. 😉

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    • Well, I like the suggestion Elaine but I’m afraid I’d disappoint you!


  4. What a lovely way to resurrect and continue the Looker family name 😊

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    • Hi Alice — you know, I feel pretty much the same. 🙂


  5. “So Stevens would, were he not Stevens call’d,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes
    Without that title…….”


    • Ha! Well, I hope I still smell as sweet!!


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